Our Services


Always Custom.

We can customize any of the following services, based on your specific needs, to ensure your Angular project goes as predictably as possible, and your web app performs optimally:

Staff Augmentation - from Senior Angular Engineers to Principal Architects and Google Developer Experts, we have the right people for the project.

Staff Training - when you partner with us on a project, we ensure your staff can keep your application running as expected, through training on best practices, and side-by-side mentoring.

Leadership Guidance - with our large network of Principal Angular Architect partners, we are able to bring in the guidance your leadership team needs to level-up the entire development department.

Experience - our 10,000 hours comes standard each time you interact with BrieBug.

Your Angular Project

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When planning a new Angular project, hopes are high. After carefully choosing features, designing a backend, planning the interactions and feel, coding begins. Soon after the starting gun, reality steps in.

Perhaps the chosen features are too difficult for the hired staff?

Maybe we just don’t have enough developers?

Meanwhile, time is slipping away toward the deadline and your product is not moving along as planned. There is a better way.

Successful projects get two things right: staff deployment and feature planning. These two things work hand in hand to meet budgets, deadlines and overall success of an application.

You can try your luck, or you can partner with an Angular Expert at the beginning to ensure a more successful outcome.

We want to introduce a new way to create with Angular. With the help of a BrieBug Angular Expert, your project takes a predictable trajectory. When you create a plan with our Angular Experts, you clearly understanding realistic possibilities (and limitations). This means creating a realistic budget, staffed with the appropriate number of developers at just the right skill levels. It also means clear communication to all constituents regarding what to expect and when to expect it. Making your project more predictable has many implications, including money savings, staff frustrations and meeting expectations.

Complex Applications

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We are approached by companies just like yours at all different stages of development. The most challenging (and rewarding) project is to straighten out projects that are in the messy middle.

Angular is such a robust and easy way to code that it builds naturally upon itself. Eventually, the once simple roads become a spaghetti junction that feels impossible to follow. The code feels fragile, as if any movement will cause a catastrophic domino effect. We know this pain very well. Needed changes feel impossible and frustrations mount as time moves forward. But it is possible.

BrieBug can help you get back to creating.

Through careful analysis and understanding, we will remove complexity from your system to bring it back under your control. Your BrieBug Angular Expert will help your developers create a plan to simplify the code using best practices that bring the complex systems into a simple understanding.  Your developers will be put back into a place of positive momentum instead of tenuous repair. 

The path from complexity to simplicity will be implemented by your staff and and BrieBug Expert Developers. By partnering this way, your team will level up and have a full understanding of the changes.

A BrieBug intervention not only fixes the existing problem, but prevents unnecessary complexity in the future.  (Learn more here.)

To New Technology

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Old technology is everywhere. Recently, we had an opportunity to rewrite an application that we originally wrote in 2005. We could hardly believe it was still in production in 2017!  Clearly the long run in production was a testament to the cutting edge code we designed, but the company was clinging to an outdated workflow because they were afraid of what it would take to upgrade it.  We seized the opportunity to upgrade the application and move it to Angular which provided the client with a new application, and an updated workflow to match their business.

We learned a lot of lessons from this project, but the most important skill we learned was how to quickly upgrade an old app and move it to a new platform. The lessons we learned have become our product process for upgrading applications. We have outlined our steps because we think it’s important for our clients to understand how we approach upgrading outdated technologies. (Learn more about it here.)