Pensco’s Story

Pensco Trust Company’s new management team was interested in transitioning the technology options from Microsoft MVC JavaScript stack to MEAN stack, but were unable to accomplish this goal in-house. Besides the change in technology, Pensco wanted to enhance the online application previously developed by BrieBug to include additional data collected after the application was submitted. Rather than interview, hire and train a new team with (hopefully) the correct capabilities, Pensco partnered with BrieBug to complete the changes. 

With a BrieBug Partnership

To fulfill Pensco’s requests, BrieBug designed application feature pages to automatically collect information and enforce business rules. This significantly reduced the time and money necessary for processing new applications. Once the application was completed and employed, the amount of new online applications processed each month increased to 200 applications. Since the application was released in November of 2014, BrieBug has helped Pensco maintain the code base, as well as implement new features to support their growing and evolving business.