MapQuest’s Story

MapQuest’s web-based mapping client has been a staple of the online landscape since it was launched in 1996. Through the years, the web application has gone through many feature additions on their original Java platform. As they continued to make changes to meet the needs of their users, they launched an innovative Angular rewrite of their original application Working with aggressive deadlines and a code base that needed restructuring to a component based design, the client realized that they needed additional support.

BrieBug Makes It Possible

MapQuest reached out to BrieBug early in 2016. They appreciated our focus on javascript best practices, high quality code, and efficient Quality Assurance practices.We supported them by accelerating feature parity with their current product and subsetting their previous .com. The project is in a state of quick growth, and our teams are in the process of assisting with the creation of new features. Additionally, our teams are responsible to fixes and modifications to their static and promotional sites.