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What Can We Do For You?


Your New Projects

Partnering with a BrieBug Expert from the beginning of any Angular project ensures that what gets planned gets done. (More…)

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Complex Applications

A simple application quickly becomes complex as more code is added. And a once creative team learns to tread carefully so the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down. (More…)

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Old Technology

You will wake up one day to realize that your once cutting edge technology is now dull; It is inevitable. Upgrading your application is an opportunity. (More…)


The Right Mix


We have learned from our mistakes, so that you don’t have to. Wisdom is included with every BrieBug transaction.


BrieBug can help with your heavy lifting and planning by placing the right selection of staff to maximize your development team.


Leveling up your team brings power and confidence to an organization. We always leave your staff ready to run your new systems.


By learning along with your staff, you can bring new elements of efficiency and intelligence to your team.

Examples of Our Work



Problem: Available Team Lacks Skillset

Pensco Trust Company created technology that suited their needs for several years, but the technology was quickly become outdated. The application improvements that were collected over a few years needed to be implemented in a meaningful way, but Pensco understood it was not staffed to make these changes efficiently.

Solution: Leverage High Level Developers

BrieBug deployed just the right level and size development team to first understand the situation and then to create solutions that not only add the features that were needed to stay current, but to reinforce their current infrastructure.



MapQuest (Verizon)

Problem: Not Enough Staff to Hit Deadlines

MapQuest’s team was specifically built to be efficient at maintenance and building. With a large change from Java to Angular, their staff would now lack the manpower to complete all regular assignments, while translating to the new system.  

Solution: Skilled Developers to Support Current Staff

MapQuest brought in BrieBug as a partner to create a more smooth and timely transition to the new technology. MapQuest was able to transition in a timely manner and follow a predictable budget. BrieBug has continued to support MapQuest’s staff due to this great symbiosis.


Partner Testimonials

“BrieBug integrated seamlessly into our team…The quality of work was high and their attention to detail was impeccable…
I am not sure what else one could ask of a software development partner.”

– Rich G.